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26-Jun-2017 15:52

The main floor of the barn has nothing remarkable in it except for Metroparks groundskeeper equipment and some owls and bats during the summer months.

I've never felt threatened or that there was anything with bad intent there, however.

Know of any other stories about Ohio's dark places?

Anything you'd like to add or suggest about the site's haunted places, legends, and cemeteries?

I have seen weird snow footprints there over the years.

This last summer, I bought my grandson a new camcorder that has the snapshot memories card. Here is a picture that I took at the Riverside Cemetery Chapel.

Stories vary as to whether he was locked in by his caretakers because they wanted to abandon him and/or they were no longer able to care for him.lived around Riverside Cemetery when I was a kid and used to play there before they built I-71.

My brother and I have always witnessed strange sounds/sights there when we were younger.

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I did some paranormal research and urban exploration up at Top O' The World in the Falls a few years back when I lived in Akron for college.Later, I reviewed this tape with a friend of mine, who then dashed to his room, produced an old flintlock rifle and ran the ramrod down the barrel a few times for me to hear it.