Debate dating coworker

29-Nov-2017 19:11

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There are plenty of other people to have relationships with, it makes me wonder what was going on while the youth was in their care? Most agencies have a policy prohibiting currently employed staff from forming romantic relationships with former clients of the agency for some minimal amount of time, usually 2 years or more.

It doesn’t make sense to me and I question the staff member’s motives, past relationship with the young person and boundaries over all. If the staff member held some professional licensure, the ethics policy of the license granting board will more than likely speak to such a relationship forming, as well.

Dating the adult youth once they become of age is a violation of this trust. their relational awareness, expectations, emotional stability)? Second, what is the impact on the other young people in care?

If there is now interest in dating then it becomes a question if personal and professional boundaries were adhered to when youth was in care? For example, does this create expectations (realistic or unrealistic) or unnecessary confusion for them?

2014 Hi Everyone, If a youth of 20 who has left care starts up a relationship with a young staff member still employed at the facility, is this OK? Well at our center my director teaches us if it does not interfere with your work then it’s ok I guess!! I hope directors can answer this because it’s so confusing.

WOW I can’t wait to hear the answers coz do you say anything or keep quiet ?!

The real question to be answered is how will engaging in that relationship impact the emotional health of the client?

Because of the fact that you had a professional relationship with this client, I think that it should stay within a professional relationship.

This question was asked of a colleague during child protection training and I was initially horrified that the question was even asked.