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I don’t know if I am truly called to write plays but I am called to tell stories.There is something magical in seeing your play done night after night. To quote my Director Randal Myler, “You build an ice sculpture every night, watch it melt and start over the next day,” I love that., the new bio musical that follows the rise and fall of 60s British soul singer, Dusty Springfield. In a nutshell, Dusty Springfield (legal name Mary O’Brien) came to prominence as a “white girl singing black music” in the 1960s merging pop/disco music with R&B with her sexy, throaty one-of-a-kind voice.

She’s depicted as being an active participant in the underground gay scene in the 70s.I mean, I think she always had her demons, I just think that she was probably much more encouraged to explore who she was in that time.The 70s was pretty fantastic, an explosion really, especially in the gay community and she was mostly in the heart of LA at that time.To what extent to do you attribute her demons with alcohol and drugs to be result of the British papers questioning her sexuality?

She was a very active participant in the gay scene in the 70s.The multi-talented Smith first started developing this idea back in 2006 when she received a grant from the University of California to write and perform a one-woman show based on the life of one of her heroes, Dusty. As I got deeper into who she was, I knew that I had to share what I was discovering and I felt that the story in naturally leant itself to a musical format.