Edison chen sex photos us website

29-Aug-2017 01:17

A Hong Kong computer technician was convicted today of stealing the racy photos of actor-singer Edison Chen that shocked the Chinese-speaking world when they were circulated on the internet last year.The photos showed Chen performing sex acts with eight Hong Kong actresses and singers.However, Gloria is best known for being “Edison Chen’s rumoured girlfriend” in China. If I refused to go, he would get crazy and scold me. Each taxi ride from my house to his would cost around HK0.Gloria also revealed the juicy details when she was dating Edison. The amount was peanuts to him, but to me it was a burden.We dated for 6 months when he first joined showbiz. Maybe it was because of pressure from company.” Source: HK Channel This article is written for Reproduction or reposting this article on other websites is STRICTLY prohibited.

He also set her phone contact as Baby, while mine was Gloria. On the other hand, Steven (Steven Cheung) has changed a lot.Lai said it wasn't immediately clear if Sze will appeal.