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The species concept is based on pattern recognition from study of more than 1,000 dried herbarium specimens and another ~ 300 fresh specimens from plants collected throughout the range of the genus (shipped via express next day delivery), including many cultivars at the Secrest Arboretum in Ohio, The Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew, and The Botanical Garden in Paris; data for 845 specimens are summarized in Spjut (2007a). brevifolia was discovered in 2011 while conducting field work for Veratrum californicum in the Klamath Region of the Pacific Northwest (Spjut 2014, abstract submitted). isodichotomous), color of leaf epidermal cells and stoma bands, persistence of scales at base of branchlets, bud-scale texture and size, change in color of branchlets from 1st to 2nd yr, leaf arrangement, leaf shape, leaf thickness, leaf curvature lengthwise and across both surfaces, changes in leaf curvature near margins and along midrib, shape of cones in bud and at maturity, whether seed develops on current season growth or older branchlets, shape and color of seed, shape of epidermal cells as seen in cross-section, color of leaf epidermal and mesophyll layers in leaf sections, number of marginal cells without papillae, number of stomata rows in a stomata band, shape of parenchyma cells in the leaf spongy mesophyll, and others (character list in DELTA format, research proposal on Taxus, USDA Memorandum, Spjut 1995).

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Las bases científicas de los cosméticos son comprendidas desde hace décadas.

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Estas empresas se cuidan mucho de no decir mentiras, pero consiguien, a la vez, que el cliente entienda lo que a ellas les interesa.The lower section shows a marginal region of eight (8) smooth trapezoidal to almost rectangular cells in width with no (0) transitional zone of papillose cells; this is followed by a stomata band with 14 rows of stomata, a midrib of 15-18 cells in width that lack papillae, and part of second stomata band (1 row of stomata).

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