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His ultimate is a great disengage tool and he can be hard to pin down, luckily he's not very tanky and if you do pin him down, he'll go down.

Her poke isn't extremely strong but it's there.

Not only does she have a movement speed buff and shield, but it can also be used on her ADC.

This gives her decent disengage and mobility with which she can dodge your ult and Q. Painfully annoying as she has poke and a spellshield.

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Best of all, there's no additional cost to use cam-to-cam when you're in a private show.Rakan's extreme mobility makes him very difficult to lock down, and he has great peel for his ADC with knock-up and ultimate.His low dmg output is good for you though, and he can't really abuse your melee-ness since he's so short ranged himself.You'll need to bait out her shield in order to be able to do anything.

It's very effortless for her to stop Concussive Blows' stun as she can see the stacks just as well as you can, and her E lasts long.

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