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05-Nov-2017 23:34

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It was tuesday night, a more low key night for my first one.There were several girls from my sorority there so it was a good time. Continue reading » Dear Readers, I am anonymous for a reason that me revealing this story is a danger to my life. I just know that for a fact that they have enough power not to get kicked out of cadets for rape. I’m not sure if you all know but cadets actually features boarding camps. The one that I went to was a 6 week camp which featured teaching others to shoot and to do some shooting yourselves.Then we heard a noise, and the whispers of guys- it was a girls bathroom so it was a bit strange.Then the door was busted open, and we were dragged out…It wasn’t until I spoke to another friend about this and she mentioned to me that 9…Continue reading » I was in the second trimester of school and the pressure was beginning to psych myself out.

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Continue reading » All I ever wanted to do was be in a sorority, I wanted those sisters.

I have a little sister, she needs someone to look up to- It can’t be me when I’m suffering.

It contains 150 delicious recipes which are designed to work in harmony with your stomach and gut so you don’t get any more symptoms of acid reflux, ever…..… continue reading »

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Thanks for following up with my profile up till this section, I hope you can follow the numbers as well, 3two is that i have never been married with no kids, i am a loving caring a...… continue reading »

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Launched in November 2013, Love Out Loud Asia (LOLA), takes what it calls an "activity-based approach" based on ideas for dates to make the experience more about meeting up instead of just swiping right or left.… continue reading »

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