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Learn more » By combining LROC imagery, data, and historical data, we've created detailed, interactive maps of the Apollo Landing Sites and many more.

Control the sun angle with Flip Book, an interactive timelapse, or compare before-and-after images of new lunar impacts with an interactive slider.

In November 2006, after five months of aerobraking, it entered its final science orbit and began its primary science phase.

As MRO entered orbit, it joined five other active spacecraft that were either in orbit or on the planet's surface: Mars Global Surveyor, Mars Express, 2001 Mars Odyssey, and the two Mars Exploration Rovers (Spirit and Opportunity); at the time, this set a record for the most operational spacecraft in the immediate vicinity of Mars.

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There were no major setbacks during MRO's construction, and the spacecraft was moved to John F.MRO is modeled after NASA's highly successful Mars Global Surveyor to conduct surveillance of Mars from orbit.