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25-Aug-2017 19:12

There are some really weird things in here, like girls forced to do a TV show while guys are jerking off next to them and rubbing their pussies with vibrators, to put an example.

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Our female casting agents pull the most sexuality of the girls in front of our camera and promise to show the hottest amateurs getting fucked in their first adult video.

Thot What it means: Thot [thawt; noun] It’s actually an acronym that means “That Hoe Over There.” It can refer to anyone you don’t like or anyone who acts in a way you don’t agree with. Bae What it actually means: Bae [b-aye; noun] Another acronym, standing for “Before Anyone Else.” Can be substituted in place of “babe” or “baby,” or to refer to someone sexy (“he’s the bae”). Basic Bitch What it actually means: Basic bitch [bay-sick bitch; noun] Someone who is basic has zero personality -- the most boring of life’s p H scale. Generally used as a compliment, as in someone who has had success or who isn’t afraid to speak his or her mind.

Yaaaass What it actually means: Yaaass [yaaaaaaaaah-s; exclamatory] Used in place of “Yes! Can also be used to compliment someone when they look good or have done something good. You took the trash out and I didn’t even have to ask you to! How to use it in a sentence: “Suzie, the principal called me today because you were acting real ratchet in math class. Gugenherm on the PTA Board threw shade at me when I suggested we try a new fundraised this year.” 6. Bad Bitch What it actually means: Bad bitch [bad bitch; noun] A woman or man who doesn’t care what anyone else thinks and does what they want.

Blonde Girls Blondes have more fun and in this place you're going to see why!

They are going to show you why blondes are famous for being the sluttiest and kinkiest girls of them all and after watching all these beauties you will go out and find yourself a blonde to have some fun.

” WATCH: A bunch of frat bros lip synced to Taylor Swift together! Turnt What it actually means: Turnt [turn-ht; sometimes styled turn T; adjective] To act crazy, have fun, be social, often in a party atmosphere or under the influence of alcohol.

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