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And while they enjoyed several years of happiness it wasn’t long before the feelings he tried so desperately to hide suddenly began to surface again. Here, Dr Ranj opens up for the first time about the tough struggles he has had to deal with over the years and why now he is fully out, he has never been happier... What I did know was that my sexuality wasn’t as black-and-white as we are led to believe.

Take us back - when did you think you might be gay. Honestly, I think that’s still something I’m working on… That’s the reality about human sexuality - it’s not always simple.

It makes it sound like we’re all hiding, and that it has to be a massive announcement. Coming out is what you want, when you want, how you want.

It doesn’t have to be a big song and dance, unless you want it to be!

What religion were you brought up in - was it one that would have frowned upon being gay?

I come from quite a traditional Indian Sikh background, so my family life was very much rooted in those religious and cultural practices.

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In his early 20s Ranj met a woman, fell in love, and got married.It’s behind the rise in STI rates in Asian people who don’t protect themselves and don’t seek treatment when they should. It’s behind so many unfortunate choices and damaged relationships. I never explored anything with boys, and nor did I want to.And the worst thing is, we don’t even know the true scale of it. My parents became more comfortable with the possibility of me meeting someone… My first real relationship was with a girl at the age of 18. I had a niggling feeling that I might have some level of attraction to guys, but I’d convinced myself that it wasn’t going to be part of my life and so I ignored it. And so many other people who’ve been through similar will say the same thing.I know it sounds cheesy, but I think love happens between two souls, not genders. Like many first generation Asian parents, my folks brought up their children much like they were brought up.

If there really is an all-loving God, I can’t accept that (s)he would only let certain people be happy. They worked damn hard and were quite strict I guess, but they just wanted their kids to do well in life. The strength they showed is something that I can only ever hope to have. So they were quite traditional and ’orthodox’, but we have to remember that they grew up in a very different time. You learn from your own experience, so we can’t jump to blame people if they don’t do it perfectly!It took a long time and a lot of painful experience to understand that how I felt was OK.

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